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Combat Hapkido

This method of self defense draws from Hapkido, but to keep it seperate, Combat was added to Hapkido to distinguish this system from  traditional Hapkido. Combat Hapkido is designed so techniques from other arts can be easily applied.

Combat Hapkido borrows many of its core techniques from traditional Hapkido.  These core techniques are used as a platform to build upon with additional techniques from styles like Jeet Kune Do, Kung Fu, Jujutsu, and Western Boxing. Combat Hapkido attempts to provide a clear platform on which the material of other Martial Art Systems can be added or removed while still maintaining the core of Combat Hapkido's principals for providing a self-defense system.

Traditional Hapkido and other traditional Martial Arts techniques that prove to be impractical in a real world scenario have been removed from Combat Hapkido. These Techniques include acrobatic break falls, jump/spinning kicks, and other low-percentage techniques. The core curriculum has been organized into 10 levels or ranks. Extensive Reference materials, including a complete DVD reference library, are available to students.

Some of the areas covered are "stick and knife combatives", "ground survival", "combat throws", "anatomical striking/pressure points", "trapping", "cane", "dan bong", and "weapons disarming".

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