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The International Police Defensive Tactics Institute (IPDTI) was founded in 1998 to provide a vehicle for bridging the gap between the Law Enforcement and Martial Arts communities. The IPDTI is dedicated to excellence in training. We offer state-of-the-art instruction in Police Defensive Tactics. The mission of the IPDTI is to competently train men and women in practical, non-deadly force techniques to control resisting and violent subjects.

IPDTI courses are the result of several years of extensive study and research in the controversial and confusing field of Police Defensive Tactics (PDT) around the World.

In our course we present universal concepts and principles of PDT. The techniques are fairly easy to learn, approved by most jurisdictions and agencies and scientifically sound to be truly effective in real life applications.

IPDTI courses are available to and recommended for individuals in the following categories (but not limited to only these categories):

  • Active Law Enforcement Officers (City, County, State, Federal etc.....

  • Military Police, CID, Air Force Security, etc......

  • Correctional Facility Officers

  • Security Personnel (including Private Investigators, Airport, Retail, Hotel, Night Club, Hospitals, etc....)

  • Executive / VIP Protection Specialist

  • Probation / Parole Officers

  • Bails bond Specialist

  • EMT Personnel

While most Martial Arts Instructors claim to teach PDT, only a small percentage possess the expertise and in-depth knowledge to address the specific needs and unique demands of the Law Enforcement community, not to mention the understanding of legal, social and moral issues involved.

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